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Néné Chérie: Vêtements et accessoires Inspiré de fabrication française vintage

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Nene Cherie: Vêtements et accessoires Inspiré de fabrication française vintage

Nene Cherie is a French shop owned by Honey Nene, a talented seamstress who creates clothing, hats and accessories, in the south of France. Her design aesthetic is primarily tailored towards the fashion of the 1920s through the 1960s. Every rétro et millésime fashionista will enjoy her original pieces and understand her respect and appreciation for these time periods.

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Hollywood Style Clothing

Retro-styled women will love Nene Cherie’s clothing because they are millésime inspiré. Gypsy lola , 50s diner, navy style and sexy bustier tops are all included in the tops collection.

nene cherie 50er jahre kleid

For the summer, the shop has a few flirty high waisted shorts available, and for more conservative occasions, the perfectly retro skirts are available in swing styles or high waisted pin up styles. The elegant interpretation of past decades are masterfully crafted in the small but beautiful dress collection.

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Beautiful Handmade Capes and Coats

Nene Cherie’s collection of capes and coats are so elegant, and they can turn any ordinary woman into a star. The amount of workmanship put into each item is obvious and every aspiring Pin Up Girl will be warm and looking glamorous at the same time. From faux fur accents to full circle patterns in the longer coats, these classic details and high quality fabric are striking and flattering for every woman’s body.


Must-have Vintage Style Accessories

Every retro loving girl should have a copious amount of vintage style accessories on hand for every occasion. These accessories elevate vintage style to any outfit, even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans.

greaser girl top

The accessories at Nene Cherie has the most selection in the entire shop and include sunglasses, handbags and a wide variety of hair accessories. Whether you’re into delicate hair flowers, stylish turbans, fancy hats and fascinators or pin up style bandannas, this line is just the right amount of flirty and stylish.

rockabilly vintage dress

Nene Cherie’s collection is perfect for the glamour girls, rockabellas and other vintage loving girls who want to add to their retro style. The prices aren’t outrageous, and you will be one of the few wearing Honey Nene’s fabulously handmade designs.

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Cyn Elena

Cyn Elena

Pour plus de dix ans, Cyn Elena a été la conception rétro et pin up glamour Accessoires pour les femmes qui aiment l' pin up era des années 1940, 1950s et 1960. Leurs morceaux de bonbons de cheveux populaires ont été portés par des célébrités, dames à la mode de tous les différents styles, épouses d'être, rockabilly Ventilateurs, Pin Up Girls, burlesque dancers and beginners to the whole pin up, rétro et rockabilly fetish.

Cyn Elena est une mère qui croit priorité à la famille est une partie importante de rien. Sa boutique est installée dans sa maison où elle passe soirées créer sa propre ligne d'accessoires uniques de cheveux, jamais attendre les pièces à décoller et à devenir sa propre signature marque. Elle utilise une variété d'accessoires de cheveux et des épingles pour l'inspiration créatrice, et plutôt que de se consacrer à un seul style, a pris une tournure diversifiée, faisant son style adoré par les fans du monde entier qui habiller dans une variété de façons. Sa sélection d'accessoires est parmi les plus importantes dans le monde et continue de croître comme son inspiration bat son plein.

Pour les femmes qui aiment un peu de féminité jeune fille, arcs de vinyle sont superbes accessoires pour les cheveux, venant en noir, rouge et rose bubble gum. Pour les accessoires subtils pour compléter vos longues mèches fluides ou des boucles pulpeuses, petites pinces à cheveux de fleurs peuvent être placés à la broche arrière votre frange d'une manière qui est plus élégant qu'un bobby broches standard.

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Vous cherchez quelque chose de plus impertinent et féroce? Découvrez la collection animale d'impression, rempli avec des pinces à cheveux fleurs qui ont des accents d'impression de léopard. Le “Marilyn Leopard Rose Barrette” combine le look d'une rose traditionnel avec Leopard pétales d'impression, bringing a sassy and sexy look to a basic retro style.

Pour quelque chose pourtant rampant glam, les pinces à cheveux araignée Cyn sont parfaits. Strass cloutés araignées de taille tarentule siéger au sommet de pinces à cheveux, de sorte que vous pouvez facilement goupille de retour du côté de vos cheveux qui aura tous les passants regarder deux fois.

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Cyn Elena has an endless array of styles for pin up, retro and rockabilly girls of all ages. Check out her ever growing selection for a new and affordable accessory that will be the perfect topping to just about any outfit!


Torture Couture

Torture Couture

Pin up girls with a penchant for morbid styles can find the perfect accessories for their outfits in the online shop Torture Couture.

Graciela Martell is the owner of the American label, more popular known as Miss Torture. Not only is her jewelry line stemmed from her own creativity, but also her love for the dark side and all things rockabilly, retro and pin up. She began the foundation of the company through a project while studying at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. For a term paper, she wrote about her ideas for a collection and the influences for it through horror and the gothic scene. Through this research emerged the name “Torture Couture.”

Her inspiration for Torture Couture also comes from music, old Hollywood glamour, vintage fashion, and even bizarre dreams of her own. The subject of horror and death is shown through the gems used in various pieces, with a girly design and fresh breath of glitz and glamour surrounding it. In the shop you’ll find an elegant string of pearls topped by a skeleton head in a feminine wig. You’ll also find a “Miss Zombie” piece that consists of a chain and pink girly bow. The Frankenstein ring channels the monster from the original book, surrounded by a delicate silver base and dainty, twinkly blue stones.

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Not only are the styles of the chains, pearls, bracelets, rings, hats and hair pieces perfectly designed to channel the imagery that comes with the name Torture Couture, but the names for the pieces perfectly suit each one. Dark Skulls Rose bracelet, Deadly Dice bracelet, the Looks That Kill necklace, and Make You Bleed ring are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the shop.

Morbid yet elegant glamour is the key to style at Torture Couture. Simple strings of pearls, dainty gems and giant skulls make up many of the pieces. All pieces are handmade to order, long lasting, and available at very affordable prices. Over the next few years, Torture Couture has plans to expand into an entire fashion line as well, so keep your eyes peeled for gothic, rockabilly and elegant fashion for women of all ages, styles and sizes.



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