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Couture de la torture

Couture de la torture

Pin Up Girls with a penchant for morbid styles can find the perfect Accessoires for their tenues in the online shop Torture Couture.

Graciela Martell is the owner of the American label, more popular known as Miss Torture. Not only is her jewelry line stemmed from her own creativity, but also her love for the dark side and all things rockabilly, rétro et pin up. She began the foundation of the company through a project while studying at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Californie. For a term paper, she wrote about her ideas for a collection and the influences for it through horror and the gothic scene. Through this research emerged the nameTorture Couture.”

Her inspiration for Torture Couture also comes from music, old Hollywood glamour, millésime manière, and even bizarre dreams of her own. The subject of horror and death is shown through the gems used in various pieces, with a girly design and fresh breath of glitz and glamour surrounding it. In the shop you’ll find an elegant string of pearls topped by a skeleton head in a feminine wig. You’ll also find aMiss Zombiepiece that consists of a chain and pink girly bow. The Frankenstein ring channels the monster from the original book, surrounded by a delicate silver base and dainty, twinkly blue stones.

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Not only are the styles of the chains, perles, bracelets, anneaux, hats and hair pieces perfectly designed to channel the imagery that comes with the name Torture Couture, but the names for the pieces perfectly suit each one. Dark Skulls Rose bracelet, Deadly Dice bracelet, the Looks That Kill necklace, and Make You Bleed ring are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the shop.

Morbid yet elegant glamour is the key to style at Torture Couture. Simple strings of pearls, dainty gems and giant skulls make up many of the pieces. All pieces are handmade to order, long lasting, and available at very affordable prices. Over the next few years, Torture Couture has plans to expand into an entire fashion line as well, so keep your eyes peeled for gothic, rockabilly et élégant manière pour les femmes de tous âges, styles and sizes.

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