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Bettie Page

Bettie Page

Bettie Page was an American model who became famous for her pin up modeling and fetish photos. Commonly known as thequeen of pin up,” it is no surprise why so many pin up e moda retro boutiques seek to create clothing that complements her style and life.

Bettie Page was Miss January 1955 for Playboy Magazine, with Hugh Hefner calling her aremarkable lady, an iconic figure in pop culture.

The photographs and style of Bettie Page created the popular pin up styles many of us know today. High-waisted bikinis, bright colors and the hands-on-the-knees seductive pose are all aspects of the pin up lifestyle that were, in part, made popular by her. Her styles ranged from sweet and innocent polka dotted bikinis to fierce and fearless bondage photos. One popular component of her roupas is the pin up playsuit so many of us know and recognize as part of the pin up lifestyle.

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If you love Bettie Page and would love to mimic her estilo, there are plenty of boutiques that specialize in pin up costura, even specifically specializing in styles that represent her personal style. Claro, Bettie Page Clothing is the biggest online boutique for all things Bettie Page. For more styles, confira Pin Up Girl Clothing, a popular boutique with all things pin up. What Katie Did, Senhorita Hussy Clothing, Desfile Pin-Up, Modemerr, Babygirlboutique, e Lolita Roupas para meninas also provide classic pin up estilos in a variety of colors, sizes and price ranges. If you love Bettie Page but want to add more of a rockabilly edge to your look, confira Fashions desmontadas, Inked Divas de Yvonne e Gents, Whirlingturban ou Doce Veneno Moda. With all of these stores, it is a breeze to find a style that not only reflects that of iconic miss Bettie Page, but also adds your personal style into the mix as well.

Bettie Page was not only fashion forward, but she had a fierce, confident personality to go with it. Pin up couture is not for the faint of heart. If you desire to look like an icon as significant as Miss Page, you must be equally confident and comfortable with your beautiful body.

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