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Cherry Vintage: Fabulous Retro Inspired Clothing for Every Woman

Cherry Vintage: Fabulous Retro Inspired Clothing for Every Woman
Desde 2011, Cherry Velvet has offered high quality, retro style clothing de Canadá for women of all shapes and sizes all over the globe.


It’s hard not to admire and appreciate a atraente inspired clothing line that understands how difficult it can be to find garments that fit-well and look stunning, even if you’re an exceptionally curvy fashionista. The designer, Dianne Kennedy, followed up her eco-friendly line geared toward the plus-sized comunidade, making a point that size really doesn’t matter.

xxxl-pin-up-dressall online shops

Whether your body is sized as extra-small or XXXL, the femininity of Cherry Velvet will draw bombshells and retro vixens to the line. O vintage inspired dresses are obviously a tribute to classic vestidos de swing and wiggle dresses from the 1950s e 1960s, and the bold colors and patterns bring attention to your remarkable pinup style. Polka dots and floral patterns are popular features, but you’ll find some beautifully solid colored pieces, também.

rockabilly-plus-sizezum shop

The dresses are a vision down memory lane and are playful and sweet. They designs fall in line with spring and summer fashion, but you could easily pair a cardigan and a pair of pantyhose to make them work in chillier weather, também. A nice element to most of these bombshell dresses are concealed pockets, but what’s even better is you don’t have to worry about unsightly bra straps. Most of the dress straps are constructed wide enough to hide them.


If you want to add a little more volume, Cherry Velvet also offers crinolines to wear under their dresses. Since the dresses have just enough length, the addition of a pop of color elevate these beautiful pieces to an even higher level.


The attention to detail in the deliberate colors, patterns and high quality fabrics in this collection is quite elegant and remarkable. Be sure to peruse Cherry Velvet’s sale section, because you don’t want to miss out on last-chance vestidos pinup, structured jackets and full and saias lápis.


It’s nice to know there’s a designer who represents plus sized women to the fullest, most especially pinups and vintage vixens. This really is one of the top lines for retro chic fashion.

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Roupas estável

fff fff fff

Roupas estável

Roupas estável is a casual clothing and accessory retailer that provides distinctively American rock gear with a vintage faro. They have been in business for nearly twenty years with their full line of clothing made entirely in the United States. Steady Clothing has a fun selection of casual, weekend and concert wear for men, women and children.

steady clothesAll pictures with friendly permission by Steady Clothing
steady clothing logo

The women’s inventory from Steady Clothing is a blend of modern, graphic tees and retro style cardigans with sexy key-hole sweaters. The swimsuit options include garota pin-up designs in either one and two-piece sets. There are plenty of solids and an animal print or two included in the mix.

rockabilly clothing sun

The women’s vestidos are a collection that includes seductive little sailor-suit inspired creations and 1950s inspired glamour girl frocks. There are options for casual day wear as well as the perfect pieces to wear to your next cocktail party.

steady shirt

Logos and kitschy designs abound throughout the men’s clothing collection. It includes a massive assortment of graphic tees to choose from in every shade of brown imaginable. They also offer hipster style button up tops which include a touch of whimsical, western, cowboy flair. The button front shirt options continue throughout their licensed Elvis Presley line. You can choose from short sleeved panel front tops with graphic Elvis photo prints, various printed tops and even a button up blue suede shirt. There are also retro inspired 1950s work shirts with Elvis patch nametags.

steady pinup

The kid’s collection is pretty much limited to logo prints and graphic image onesies and tees. The onesies are definitely rocker-edged with plenty of black, horror movie images and skulls. Message one piece outfits and t-shirts round out the collection.

Steady Clothing finishes up their men’s line with vintage replicadriveracer jackets and leather driving gloves. If you feel the need to accessorize they have retro printed cell cases, psychedelic tattoo tote bags and plenty of funky patches.

steady clothing

Since the 1950s were as much about the hair as they were the clothes, you can perfect your Elvis pompadour locked in place with their selection of pomade. Rocker chicks can keep a peppy ponytail or accessorize their bouffant with a glittery hair clip in oversized designs andnotice meglittery colors.

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Rocha Vestuário Firme

Rocha Vestuário Firme

Rocha Vestuário Firme é um vintage-inspired retro, pin up e rockabilly online boutique. They offer an immense variety of styles to both men and women who love roupas e vestuário pieces that channel the 1940s, 1950s e 1960 eras. Whether you’re into the classic car lubrificador look or the punk music rockabilly estilo, Rock Steady Clothing has it all.

Buy Rock Steady Clothing

The women’s section of Rock Steady Clothing offers everything from t shirts all the way to jumpers, saias e vestidos. The De-Feeted tee is an adorable addition to any relaxed jeans and t shirt attire, com retro roller skates embellished around the neck. Perfect for the derby girl in your life. Looking for a dress that can be worn out dancing or even to work during the day? The Seargent Pucker Dress brings retro flare to a sexy pencil skirt. Pair it with one of their many cardigans for a work appropriate look, and add a pair of sky-high stiletto heels to transform it into an evening look. Sparrows, crânios, guns, roses, anchors and skater looks all adorn the massive variety of women’s t shirts, cardigans, vestidos, and even jackets.

all shops and brands

Para os homens, there is a seemingly endless supply of fascinating and reminiscent t camisas. They’re perfect paired with some greaser jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors, worn for a concert, day a the fair with your favorite lady, or out for a day at the race track. Hoodies, jaquetas, short sleeved button downs, plaid styles, bowling styles, western styles, and music and guitar inspired shirts are all sold at Rock Steady Clothing.

The website has a continually updated section of their newest products, where you can find their latest items and keep constant tabs on what they’re bringing in next. If you’re curious what some of the best selling products of Rock Steady Clothing are, check out thetop sellerslist.

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Rockabilly, psychobilly, pin up and retro aficionados, no matter how bold or how innocent, can all find the perfect attire for their style and wardrobe at Rock Steady Clothing. It’s everything you adored about your parents clothing during their wild child days with a modern, edgy touch to make it a style all your own.

Buy Rock Steady Clothing @ JBR


Tarantula Clothing

Tarantula Clothing

Tarantula Clothing started in 2006, selling purely menswear inspired by styles of the 1940s and 1950s. As the trend and boutique began to spread and catch on, women were wondering where their section of the store was.

Lo and behold, the women’s section of Tarantula Clothing was born, eventually launching their “World Famous Capris” section into one of their best selling styles for women. Everything made at Tarantula Clothing is 100% original and hand crafted in downtown Los Angeles. They often use hard to find pieces of fabric and styles, so it is likely that a piece purchased by them is completely unique and will never be created again.

The ladies section consists mainly of dresses, skirts and tops that can be mixed and matched to create a retro and pin up style for the office, for a picnic in the park, or for going out at night. Bright reds, black and white contrasts, stripes, greys and fitted styles are all incorporated into the diverse range of looks. Professional tie tops, plunging halters, pencil and ruffled flowing skirts are all included in the “Dolls” section. Coveting a pair of pin up shorts? They have those too.

The guys section of Tarantula Clothing consists of sweater vests, v-necked tees, striped sweaters, jackets, and more. Whether you’re a dude looking for the preppy 50s high school look or dig more of the greaser gear, Tarantula Clothing selections can transform your look into any of these.

There is even a section of the website dedicated to “curvy gals.” There is often a negative connotation associated with the word “curvy,” but when you’re into retro and pin up fashion, curvy is embraced for everything it is; fierce curves, striking hips and a confident attitude. Jackets and tops are all available, and the selection regularly differs according to the designer’s inspirations.

For items that are soon to go out of stock and heavily discounted, check out the Sale section. They’re constantly adding new items in a variety of styles that will soon be gone and never seen again. Remember; each piece at Tarantula Clothing is completely unique, so one style may never be done again, and you can’t afford to wait to snatch it up!


Pin Up Dresses

Pin Up Dresses

Pin up dresses are arguably some of the most eye-catching, fierce and flattering types of dresses that can be worn by virtually any woman. Since pin up fashion is designed to flatter a woman’s body, beauty and natural assets, one of the greatest aspects is that just about any woman can find something perfect for her.

Pin Up Dress by Lena Hoschek

Pin up dresses are made to represent the styles of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, with a variety of shapes, sizes and styles available.

Women of these eras typically dresses more conservative than women today, but even if they were required to cover up, they were never afraid to flaunt their incredible fashion sense. The gorgeous array of pin up dresses speak for themselves regarding why the style is still popular more than 50 years later. Polka dots, leopard prints, bold primary colors and simple black and white hues can all be found in the style of a pin up dress, allowing women to suit up for a conservative work environment or get flashy with a seductive, sultry night look.

To start your search for the perfect pin up dress, look no further than the array of online boutiques that offer pin up dresses in an endless variety of retro, vintage and rockabilly styles. Killer Kirsche specializes in pin up and rockabilly dresses, along with and their Bernie Dexter inspired duds. Pony Maedchen uses the military uniforms of the 1940s and 1950s as inspiration, so if you’re looking for a pin up dress with anchors, pin stripes or a patriotic theme, they are the shop for you. What Katie Did has an array of feminine, delicate floral dresses while Hot Couture brings retro sass to their styles. Babygirlboutique and Starlets and Harlets are two more boutiques that are known for gorgeous dresses. If you’re into the racer style, check out Tokyo Motor Grrrl for sassy pin up dresses to wear to the track one evening.

all shops and brands

There is no limit to the type of dresses you can find with these boutiques. Whether you’re a size XS or XXXL, pin up dresses, when worn with confidence, are a timeless and classic way to show off your femininity and fierce style. presents Love Burlesque for the best Clothes, Costumes, Accessoires and Shoes in Pin Up, Retro and Burlesque Style. Find beautiful Pin Up Styles in these incredible Shop.Love Burlesque


Killer Kirsche

Killer Kirsche

It’s not hard to find rockabilly, retro or pin up clothing. However, it IS often difficult to find rockabilly clothing that truly replicates the incomparable authenticity of classic rockabilly styles. Killer Kirsche is one online rockabilly boutique that cannot be competed with.

For those who are a fan of Emily The Strange, the shop can often be compared to the styles of that particular line of clothing. It incorporates the rockabilly, punk, goth and retro styles of Emily The Strange mixed with styles of the 1950′s. Clothes, underwear, shoes, jewelry, handbags, watches, and various types of other accessories can all be found in the Killer Kirsche store.

Pin up dresses, sailor and military inspired outfits, classic petticoat outfits and dresses, anchor tees, and halter tops are just some of the popular clothing items. Leopard print, polka dots, lace, cherries, and swallows are some of the popular prints that are incorporated into the outfits and accessories.

Killer Kirsche isn’t just for the ladies. Men can find a wide variety of retro and rockabilly pieces such as suspenders, baseball caps and neckties. Babies and kids can even be dolled up in rockabilly duds with a variety of pacifiers, bottles and other baby goods available. And of course they haven’t forgot about the family dog. Puppy collars are even available in a variety of styles.

all shops and brands

If you’re a show aficionado, you’ll wind up spending half your day browsing the Killer Kirsche selection. There are thousands of styles in an endless variety of colors. You’ll find pumps, stilettos, flats, open-toed styles, boots, sandals, wedges, espadrilles, flip flops and even slippers; all available in a variety of bright colors, basic styles, leopard print or polka dots. All styles are designed to reflect a hint of rockabilly or retro styles. If you’re looking to slowly transition into the style, a new pair of shoes is the way to go.

Last but not least, the accessories in Killer Kirsche are endless. Jewelry, hair accessories, pantyhose, keychains and more are all available. Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your wardrobe or slowly transition some rockabilly and retro styles into your everyday wear, Killer Kirsche has everything you need to turn your style in the right direction.


Pin Up Clothing

Pin Up Clothing

Ooh-la-la and va-va-VOOM, all the men love ladies in pin up clothing costumes! If they say they don’t, they are lying, plain and simple. The fact is this: the many pin up clothing styles easily enhance all kinds of figures and anyone who adores adorning themselves with retro fashions should take heed.

Model: Veronika, Visa: Louisa Kunstmann
Outfit: Pinup Couture – Thanks to Buy Unlike

From innocent girl-next-door housewife to sexy bombshell, the pin up look covers a wide range of personalities in amazingly figure-flattering designs.

Now the stick-thin mod styles of the 1960s and the lean and lanky look for ladies of the 1970s are all well and good for females who like to look pre-adolescent, but if you want to feel like a Real Woman then you need to get your curves on. A girdle, corset or a bullet bra from shops like Secrets in Lace, FairyGothMother or Playful Promises give structure to your shape, and some retro heels like the Ellie Shoes Penthouse Collection Open Toe Pinup Girl Heels sold at Baby Girl Boutique give your legs and bum a lovely lift. Don’t forget your seamed stockings like those sold at Ars Vivendi. With their long line leading up your legs and underneath your skirt they give all the gents about a bit of wonder and intrigue.

Do you like to feel truly sexy and have all eyes lock on you as you sashay across a room? Buy a sassy wiggle dress like the Sugar Dress in Red with Black Cherries from Collectif sold at Pinup Girl Clothing. A true wiggle dress has a hem narrower than its hip and this tiny base is what keeps the ladies’ legs together at the knee and creates the classic wiggle walk.

all shops and brands

Pin up clothing styles include bombshell dresses, satin A-line swings, bustiers, boleros, cardigans and capris; sailor-style shorts and skirts, tailored military outfits, shapely gingham shirts and flouncy peasant tops. Tailored to make everyone a wasp-waisted and busty as they possibly can be, what’s the bottom line? Whether you are tall and skinny or have girth and a full rear, there is no need for despair because pin up clothing will make you fair!


Moxie Minx

Moxie Minx

Moxie Minx is Adelaide, Australia’s sauciest new vintage-inspired clothing line for contemporary pin up girls with a bit of rockabilly flair.

Blossoming bombshells, glamour gals and modern day sex kittens can buy completely original, flirtatious, 1950s style apparel spiced up with a hint of burlesque and sewn with the highest quality fabrics by professional seamstresses at their online shop while eagerly awaiting their presence in brick-and-mortar stores around the globe.

From their distinctive “Hello Buoys” nautical-themed wiggle dress and pencil skirt line for vintage sailorettes to their “Choose Your Own Gidget Playsuit” outfit in custom fabrics of your choosing, Moxie Minx clothing is classic, timeless and distinctive with a bright and cartoon-y style perfect for pin up designs. Black and white or red and white polka dots, skin-tight tiger print skirts and nautical stripes and buttons, all such a staple in mid-century women’s clothing styles, find a refreshingly new yet authentic presentation in all Moxie Minx clothes.

all shops and brands

Cute and fitted sailor shorts, curve-enhancing halter tops, boleros, faux stoles, and skin-tight pencil skirts like the “Burlesque Bump” in black organza ruffles on the derriere and a big red bow on top will draw everyone’s eyes to the retro ladies wearing them and are tops in comfort and construction. Their garments cost from $50.00 to over $200 in Australian dollars, a reasonable price purview for original designs and high quality fabric and construction. For international shoppers they provide a link on their site to a currency converter to help customers determine if they are within budget lines.

Currently, Moxie Minx is exclusively available from their online shop of the same name, although further expanded distribution is in the works as evidenced by their up-and-coming stockist’s page. Their sizing chart is in centimeters with inches coming soon, and custom sizing and minor alterations are available upon request for a slight additional fee. Exchanges shipped at the buyer’s expense within 10 business days of the item leaving their Australian HQ are available; returns, however, are not accepted. Shipping costs vary by destination location and Moxie Minx accepts most major credit cards and PayPal and aims to ship orders within 10 days, both within Australia and internationally.



fff fff fff fff

Bernie Dexter and Katy Perry are two celebrities who have revived the popular and seductive retro and pinup styles of the 1950′s. Modemerr is a popular brand that takes on these trends, devoting itself to pinup, rockabilly and retro style.

pinup dressAll Pictures with friendly permission by Modemerr
modemerr logo

Each of Modemerr pin up dresses are made by hand, and are made for women of all styles, shapes and sizes. Clothing ranges from XXS to XXXL, so virtually any woman is able to embrace her inner pinup girl.

pencil skirtall shops and brands

Designer Angela Zampell had a long-term dream of designing a clothing line with fashionable clothing of all shapes and sizes. All products are made in the United States, and the attention to detail, superior craftmanship and close connection to her country are what make Modemerr the ultimate dream job for Angela.

pencil dresszum shop

Modemerr is an independent fashion company, so no other brands are sold in the stores. Modemerr creates styles for women who are naughty and brave, flirty and feminine, and retro and fashionable alike. Perfectly cut skirts, cocktail dresses and playful lingerie are all popular items sold by Modemerr.

leopard skirt

Feminine waists, ruffled tops, soft cotton and jersey dresses are all sold, and each item reflects styles of 1950′s fashion. Good girls can find elegant skirts and ruffles, while bad girls can find seductive vamp styles and clothing to emphasize their curves. Each piece of clothing is designed in a form-fitted manner to emphasize curves and bring out a feminine silhouette in every woman.

modemerr dress

Aside from fashionable threads, accessories are also in stock to dress up the playful outfits. Elegant pearls, black patent leather pumps, satin gloves and lace purses can embellish any outfit. Jewelry designer Martha Rotten creates a variety of accessories sold in the online store. Skulls, bones and other adventurous pinup and rockabilly styles are all used, so women of any style can find something perfect for their taste.

black pinup dress

When ordering pin up dresses from Modemerr, each garment is made according to your specific shape, size and needs with careful craftmanship. Your order is shipped in just three to four weeks, and you have ten days to exchange your items if they do not fit just right.

Customized, hand-crafted goods made in the United States. This is precisely what Modemerr has to offer.



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